The Black and Blue Room

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The Black and Blue Room is our homage to the wicked bruises, abrasions, road rash, cuts, sprains, and scars that can represent little badges of courage (not stupidity) that come with learning and mastering ski, snowboard, and skateboard feats and techniques.

We like to think it’s somewhere in between bragging to our friends about how cool we are and holding space for all those who have made the sacrifice of personal injury in pursuit of furthering themselves on the slopes, rails, steps, trails, courses, and terrains that we collectively call home.

We’re not picky about the color of your sacrifice, either. Whether it’s blue and black, or purple, red, mauve, green, orange, gray, or brown, show us your submission to The Black and Blue Room. In particular, we encourage you to submit pictures and stories that showcase the original intent, background information, the immediate results (i.e. a photo), and any lessons, serious or funny, you may have learned….

Here’s a funny story. After skiing Telluride all day without so much as a single bump or bruise, I get back to our room and while changing clothes to go out for dinner, I hit my leg against the corner of the coffee table. It was like the moment I thought I could let my attention wander, boom. I was surprised by how much it hurt, but I was really surprised by the softball-sized lump that formed a few minutes later. I didn’t think to take this picture till after the first round of ice. I had a noticeable limp for a couple days, and I was able to put just enough weight on it that I decided the bone was probably okay. But it certainly was a different kind of shin bang!